So what is all about? Well... hopefully, by the time we are done, it will be a comprehensive journal about a family of 5 who have travelled around Australia to see the sights and also do some volunteer work around the country! In Mid 2010 we started thinking about what it would take to fulfil a life-long dream... We wanted to bundle up our 3 kids, pack-up the house, jump in the car and hit the road - probably for about 12 months. It sounds so simple ... At the start of January 2013, after almost 15 months on the road; we finally completed Our Big Aussie Road Trip. We hope that you enjoyed following our adventures, trials and tribulations as much as we enjoyed having them!

22 July, 2011

Crunch time!!

Not long to go now...  We have finally decided on a departure date for our trip!  We definitely work best with deadlines, so we have set a target date of the first of October 2011 to be driving out of Sydney!!!

This doesn't give us much time to get the rest of the things we need to get organised done, but I'm confident that we should be able to manage it.

We've had a few key decisions to make in the last couple of months, and here they are and the result:

* Rent or Sell the House - We decided to rent because we just don't want to sell out of the market and buy into a different market.  Now we just have to find someone to rent it :)
* What to do with all the gear in the house - we are going to shed as much of it as possible (Garagae sale, ebay etc) and then with the remaining items, we are hopeful to be able to store some at our parents places (God bless our parents)
* When to leave - we think that leaving before term 4 starts is the best idea for us
* When to tell the kids? - we still haven't told the kids, but we will be telling them in the next 2 weeks so they can start to prepare for the change - we're hoping this doesn't cause too much of a meltdown!

We've been madly working to get the house presentable and in good working order for the pending rental period and we've done a pretty good job so far.

The list of outstanding items is still well over 50, but slowly coming down!

I hope we'll start updating this blog more and more frequently from now on, but do anticipate we have a hectic time between now and the first of October.

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