So what is all about? Well... hopefully, by the time we are done, it will be a comprehensive journal about a family of 5 who have travelled around Australia to see the sights and also do some volunteer work around the country! In Mid 2010 we started thinking about what it would take to fulfil a life-long dream... We wanted to bundle up our 3 kids, pack-up the house, jump in the car and hit the road - probably for about 12 months. It sounds so simple ... At the start of January 2013, after almost 15 months on the road; we finally completed Our Big Aussie Road Trip. We hope that you enjoyed following our adventures, trials and tribulations as much as we enjoyed having them!

Kid's Blog

This page is where the kids will type their very own blog entries about what they have experienced throughout our journey.

Josh's entries will be from his own hand, but Natalie and Sam's entry will be what they have dictated for us to put on the page.

Josh's Journal - Entry 1
Yesterday we left sydney and it took a very long time to get to Canberra.  We finaly got to Canberra.  When we got to Canberra we unloded the caravan.  It was mums birthday so we went to hogs breth cafaa.

Josh's Journal - Entry 2
Yesterday we went to the park in Aulbury to play.  It was a really big park.  There was heapes of play equipment to play on.  There was lots of people there.   My favraret thing was the big swig.

Josh's Journal - Entry 3
Yesterday me and my family went into town.  On Saturday we went on a paddlesteamer we foad up the Murry river and back.  Some went for 1 1/2 hour and some went for 1 hour.  ours went for 1 hour.  Yesterday it was hot and we swam in the river. It was fun.

Josh's Journal - Entry 4
On the weekend the red cliffs church was having a church event called Bibe in the bush.  On Saturday we stayed up until 9.00 clock or past and on Friday we stayed up until past 10.00 clock.  We had lots of fun.

Josh's Journal - Entry 5
Yesterday we rode our scooters around a lake.  We went around the lake twise.  On the 2ed lap it started to raine.  We got wet but we were dry soon.  It was fun.

Josh's Journal - Entry 6
At Meldourne we went to luna park and my fararrite ride was the spider, I also liked the big roler coster and the silly serpent.  We rode on a tram from St Kilda into the city.

Josh's Journal - Entry 7
We went to Phillip Island to see the Penguin parade.  We went and sat down on steps that went right down to the sand.  We had to wait until we saw a group of penguins, then we watched them waddle up the beach.

Josh's Journal - Entry 8
We have been travaling along the graet ocean road.  On the graet ocean road we saw the london bridge.  the london bridge is a walking track but you can't do it any more.  1 arch fell down and to people were stuck. hous later they were rescued by a helicopter.

Josh's Journal - Entry 9
Yesterday we went to the water falls.  There were 2 waterfalls.  We olso went to tresol bridge.  Tresal bridge was ment to hold stem trans that cary goods and feniter.  We tride to find a big tree but we couldn't find it.

Josh’s Blog Entry 8/1/2012

At Whyalla we saw 2 dolphins in the water below  us . The dolphins had a big fin on its back.
At Whyalla information centre there was a big world war 2 ship and we got to have a tour around the boat.

At the Adelaide zoo we saw 2 pandas  there names were wang wang  and funi.
At Port Pirie it was so hot we went swimming 4 times in 1 day. We went swimming 2 times in the river and 2 times in the pool. The pool was a little hot but the river was freezing.

From Whyalla we went Iron Knob for a tour around a Iron Knob Mine.

Natalie's Blog entry 8/1/12
We saw some seals when we were walking on a jetty.  They looked brownish.  Yesterday we went fishing for squid and at night daddy caught one.  We are in Port Lincoln.  We buyed a stone rock at Iron Knob.

Samuel's Blog entry 8/1/12
In the wildlife park we saw kangaroos.  They hop.  We saw lots of them.  There was a lovely view at the lookouts.  We saw an Echidna near the beach on a beach track.  They crawl.

Josh's Journal - Entry 11

At Cowell we went to a Jade shop and saw lots of things made of very green  Jade we also saw Jade in a real rock.

At port Lincoln we went fishing for squid and at night dad went fishing . Dad caught 1 squid and we ate the squid but I did not like it.

At port Lincoln National Pack we saw 2 sea lions in the water and 1even follow the bait in to shore

Josh’s Journal – 30th January 2012

At Cape le grand National park we saw some kangaroos, there are six of them.  They bounce around the camp site sometimes they go onto the beach and rest there.  We swam at the beach but we didn’t see a kangaroo resting there.  We can drive on the beach with our 4x4.  I am looking forward to that.

Josh's Journal 9th Feb 2012

Yesterday we went to wave rock.  It looked like a wave and it was huge.  A sine said that if it was water it would be atrative to people all over the country.   It was 200km to get there.  On the way back we got to watch mackey mouse.  At the hamps we went to se caves and there were aborigional pantings there and we got to climb in the cave. At Hippo’s yawn we went in another cave but a open one.  It’s called hippo’s yawn because it looks like a hippo yawning.  We got to go inside.

Josh's Journal - 13th Feb 2012

Yesterday we left normens beach.  Normens beach very quiet.  On the beach we found kutel fish b ones and mine was the best bout.  We got our cloths wet because we padled in the inlet and inlet is like a fresh water river.  My catel fish bones was big good for poshing it around in the water.  We had to wale tel our cloths were dry antiul we got in the car to go for a drive to beach’s and had a l.  We also went to wale wold but it was $70 so we didn’t go but we did drive around it and had a look at it.  Wen we left nomen beach we went to Albany and it’s quiet to.

 Josh's Journal - 20th Feb 2012

Yesterday we went to the glouster tree.  It is a tree that you can climb because there is pegs sticking out of the tree.  That isn’t the only tree with pegs.  There is one more and it is called the bicenteniel tree.  The bicenteniel tree is 75m tall and the glouster tree is 61m tall.  Daddy climbed both trees and he got to the very top.  The sign said this climb is not for children.  I would have loved to have climbed with dad, but I will have to wait till im older.

Josh's Journal - 27th Feb 2012

At Cape Leuuwin we climbed the tallest lighthouse on mainland Australia.  It was 40m tall and panited white so that ships see it from a distance.  You could see the part that joins the Indian Ocean and the southern Ocean from it.  There was 172 steps and the tour gide needed a rest at the middle of the lighthouse.  At the last plapform the tour guide said that the lighthouse keeper almost lost his finger in the cogs.  In olden days there was a handle that you wind for ten mins and it lifts a vere hevy weight then it goes down.  It takes 2 hours then the light stops spinning.

Josh's Journal - 5th Mar 2012
We drove from herrons point to Mandurah.  It was a long drive but it was fun.  When we got there we stoped and had lunch.  We had some sandwiches and riescakes.  After lunch we went for a swim.  When we were swimming we made a new friend and we played in the water.   There were big waves and some were too big.  We rode the waves in and it was a Hot day so it was very fun and cold.  The beach was sandy and it was hot sand to.  When we left we had to say good by to our friend.  To go back we still had to have the big drive back to herrons poing.  It was a fun day with a good swim

Josh's Journal - 16th Mar 2012

In perth city there is a bell tower shaped like a rocket.  All around the bell tower was water except a bridge going to the bell tower.  If you got to the bell tower on the right time you got to ring the bells.  When we went to have a look at the bell tower we heard the bells but it was to expensiev to go up.  It cost about $50 to go up so we we didn’t go up.  The bell tower very high and it gets thiner the higher it goes.

Josh wrote: "19th Marck 2012"

Yesterday we went into the city.  It was very busy so we caught the train all the way.  When we got to the city we caught a bus.  The bus did a big loop and we caught the bus to the water.  At the water we saw a game but the cue was to big.  After we watched the game for a while we went to the ferry we took the ferry across swan river.  When we came back the cue wasen’t big bug we had to be over 8 so dad had a go at the game.  The game was a Wii game.  We had to catch 75 or more milk cartens.  If you got a high schore you had to catch more.  Dad got 80 out of 75.  He won some headphones for Natalie.  Then we went home.  We had a good day.

Josh's Journal: March 2012

Yesterday we went to the Pinnacles.  The Pinnacles are giant limestone figers in the sand.  We walked 150m to the Pinnacle desert.  The Pinnacle desert is called the Pinnacle desert because it looks like a desert and it has Pinnacles.  At the Pinnacles we took lots of photos and we played hide and seek.  Before we did this we went to the discovery center and the gift shop.  After we walked around we did the 4Km drive around the Pinnacles.  To get home we were in the car for 1 hour and 45 mines.  I enjoyed the Pinnacles

Josh's Journal: 31st March 2012
Yesterday at Monkey Mia we spent the whole day near the beach because we got to see the dolphins three times 2 feedes and one when we were swimming in the sea in Shark Bay.  At the camp site there were a lot of emus.  The emus came right up to the camp site.  They walked around the camp site.  Off the Jetty we saw some sea turtles.  They were brown and green.  They sometimes put their head up to breathe.  The dolphins were fun I loved it.

Josh's Journal 30th April

Yesterday we went to Circular pool in Karijini National park.  Circular pool was in a gorge.  So we had to climb down first.  It was hard but the steps were made realy well. About half way down there was a ladder with 6 steps.  When we got to the bottom we had to climb over lots of rocks and water falls.  When we got to the pool the edge was very rocky.  When we got in the water was freezing but we soon got used to it.  We had a swim but a cold one.  When we were done we put our shirt on and went back up the gorge.

Josh's Journal 27th April 2012

At Cape range national park there is lots of Snorkelling to do.  My favourite was oyster stacks.  When we got there we had to climb down a little rock cliff into the water but we found a safe way of getting down.  When we were in the water we started to snorke  And I saw a big fish 1 metre or less.  There are lots of fish but mostly small fish.  My favourite was the little red fish.  We also saw a lot of coral.


Archie said...

Bye Natalie. I will miss you a lot. You won't be back until after my birthday and after Christmas. Have fun! Bye, bye, from Archie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Josh, Natalie and Sammy, hope you guys are having a great time. I am enjoying reading about all the cool things you guys are doing.
your friend
Steve Cross

Anonymous said...

We were just having dinner and thinking about you guys. We were wondering where you are and what you are doing. We looked through your photos and it looks like you are having a great time. At preschool we were all talking about your swim in the river and the big boat you saw with a wheel. The koala looks cute. Keep having fun, from the Borcherds' Family

Anonymous said...

Hi Josh,Sad to hear you had to visit Bendigo Hospital. That wasn't part of the plan!Hope you're feeling better now.Stay safe and have fun.Love to everyone from Mrs Kemmis.

Anonymous said...

Hi Josh, Nat and Sam! We loved getting your photos and we put them on the computer. Everyone enjoyed looking at them! We had fun at preschool this week making rivers in the sandpit, but it looks like you have lots of beautiful sandy places too! Love and God bless, Tracey DS and everyone at Saddington St.

Timothy Hill said...

Hey there Josh,
Mate, you don't really know me (I'm your dad's friend) but I like reading your blog posts. If you were to do some more of them, I reckon that'd be really cool. Maybe you could tell us what the best thing is you've done, or how you ended up in hospital, or something like that.
Bye, Tim.

Pat said...

Hi Josh,
This is Pat. I hope that you are having an awesome time in Western Australia.Did you like the Pinnacles? I loved them. We went to the Pinnacles early in the morning and were looking for animal tracks in the sand. We saw emu, kangaroo and snake tracks!!
I miss you and hope you are having fun.
from Pat

Anonymous said...

Hi Josh,
I hope you are having a great time.
Dad, Sofi and me went driving on the sand dunes and fishing at Stockton Beach but we didn't catch any fish.
Mum was scared of the picture of the snake. Mum also wondered where you got the shells from.
Thanks for the post card we saw some wheels of those trucks on the back of a truck the wheels were GIANT!!!
from Nick.Z